Cleantech - Environmental and growth are two sides of same coin

Oxford Research helps public and private actors to translate Denmark's strong position in the environmental field to green growth

The green area is a high priority in Denmark. Denmark has set of target of being free of fossil fuels in 2050 and Copenhagen will be the world's first CO2 neutral capital in 2025.

Ambition to reduce CO2 emissions and reduce consumption of resources not only in Denmark but in virtually all Western countries, companies in these years a booming market for green solutions that can reduce pressures on the environment by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, reduce impacts of climate change and reduce consumption of resources.

Denmark is strong in green solutions, where we have a number of research skills and leading companies. The great expectations for future growth coupled with the strong Danish competencies makes it one of the most promising growth areas in the Danish industry. Therefore, the government will also make Denmark a green knowledge and production communities.

Through analyzes and evaluations Oxford Research in recent years helped the state, regions, municipalities and other key players in the green area to realize the ambition to combine visionary environment with innovation and growth. Against this background, we have built a number of strong competencies in green growth:


Development of new green solutions - Oxford Research has great insight into the various steps in the evolutionary chain from research and development to demonstration and initial testing of the market. Competencies are developed through analyzes and evaluations of some of the key policies and programs in the area. Among other things, Oxford Research has conducted analyzes of cleantech entrepreneurs 'access to finance companies' use of and future needs for testing and demonstration facilities, and a 360 degree evaluation of the results and effects of energy technology development and demonstration program (EDDP).


Effective regulation - regulation is an important tool in efforts to improve the environment and can simultaneously drive innovation, development and growth in business. For EU Commission together with the Oxford Research CSES from England conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the effectiveness of the implementation process behind the eco-design directive and the directive effects.


Green clusters - Oxford Research has a number of tasks combined our experience and knowledge of the green area with our expertise in clusters. Thus we carry out for Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster ongoing evaluation of cluster organization and development among the many companies in the cluster. For REG X implements Oxford Research also a mapping of Lean Energy Cluster, which aims to create growth and jobs in climate, energy and environment.




Green stats - In connection with a series of tasks Oxford Research has solved the green area, we have built a database of contact information of around 1500 cleantech companies. The database contains virtually all companies in Denmark, which has the green area as a major line of business.

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