Considerable risk of misuse

The responsibility of determining foreigners’ identity is diverse in Norwegian public sector.


The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) asked Oxford Research AS to map how identities are assessed by the Tax authorities,  the Welfare Administration (NAV)  and in Norwegian banks. The purpose of the report was knowledge on how the UDI could better cooperation in managing identities.


Our findings were clear in that Norway is lacking a unified management system for identities. That the responsibility for assessing identities is diversified has consequences for competence building and available resources for this work. This again can weaken the work in uncovering use of false identities.


The report gives several reccommendations, including:


  • Determining what should count as ID-documents and methods of identification
  • Consider implementing graded intenties also outside of the foreigners management


Senior analyst Tor Egil Viblemo has lead the study, in co-operation with dr. juris Terje Einarsen and 1. manuensis Helene I. Gundhus.


The report is in Norwegian