Lost in Migration

A report on missing unaccompanied minors in Sweden


In the last three and a half years, 1829 unaccompanied minors have gone missing in Sweden. This is one of the findings from the report "Lost in Migration - A Report on Missing Unaccompanied Minors in Sweden" which has been compiled by Oxford Research.


Oxford Research Sweden was commissioned by the County Administration Board of Stockholm to conduct a national mapping of unaccompanied minors who go missing. The national mapping is a part of the government project that the County Administrative Boards received regarding unaccompanied minors who go missing.


The report's findings were widely acknowledged in the media after the launching on November 17, 2016. The English version of the report has been shortened from the original Swedish version. The original version is available here


For more information, please contact Senior Analyst Mats Kullander, mats.kullander@oxfordresearch.se