We asked our new interns about why they have chosen to apply for an internship with us and what they are looking forward to during their internship.

Last week, a new team of interns started at the office in Copenhagen. We have welcomed Hanan, Katrine and Freja to Oxford Research and are looking forward to getting to know them better over the next six months. We have talked to them briefly about why they have chosen to apply for an internship with us and what they are looking forward to during their internship.

Welcome to Oxford Research! Do you want to start by telling us a bit about yourself?

Katrine: I’m currently studying for a master’s degree in Business Economics and Psychology (cand.merc. (Psych.)) at Copenhagen Business School. I moved from Vejle to Copenhagen when I started on my bachelor’s degree in Educational Science.

Hanan: I’m studying for a master’s degree in Psychology and Social Sciences at Roskilde University. After completing the internship, I’m going to write my Master Thesis.

Freja: I am originally from North Zealand but have lived in Aalborg for the last four years, where I have studied a bachelor’s degree in Sociology at Aalborg University. Currently, I am studying for a master’s degree and have chosen to specialize in social communities and social differences, which is a specialization that embraces my interest in civil society. In my free time, I spend a lot of time on my volunteer work and is active in DFUNK, where I work with the integration of young refugees and in Allerød Ungdomsskole, where I conduct camps for young people with a focus on self-development. Moreover, I am a family person and look forward to being more with my family now that I live in Copenhagen again.

Can you tell us a bit about why you chose to apply for an internship at Oxford Research?

Katrine: I applied for an internship at Oxford Research because I was drawn to their way of providing in-depth knowledge and insights to decision-makers that can form the basis of development of society in general. I have always wanted to get a feel of the consulting industry as I like to  work more with data processing, analysis, evaluations and impact measurements. I find strategy development, innovation processes, implementation of trial programmes and change processes very appealing and as it is something that Oxford Research works with I saw it as a good opportunity to get practical experience with it.

Hanan: I chose to apply for an internship at Oxford Research because I find it important to be a part of a company that has experience with interns and cares about competence development. Oxford Research does this and as an intern you are, therefore, part of a thorough intro course and also receive ongoing feedback. At the same time, it is crucial for me to be an integrated part of a company, where I get a lot of responsibility and thus a steep learning curve. What particularly motivates me is to produce knowledge that makes a difference in practice. Since Oxford Research is conducting analyzes and evaluations, which form the basis for decision-making, it was easy for me making the decision to apply for an internship here.

Freja: I chose Oxford Research as an internship because I felt it was a place that would challenge and develop me both personally and professionally. At the internship exchange day in Aalborg, where OR participated, they emphasized the importance of their interns’ professional development, which I thought stood out compared to the other consultancies, which almost exclusively “sold” their internships at wild Friday bars. Oxford Research was transparent about which tasks we as interns should be involved in, both the classic internship tasks and the more exciting ones, which I thought was important. In addition, I chose Oxford Research because they are used to having interns and thus know how to organize a good internship both professionally and socially, which I have largely been confirmed after I started my internship.

What are you most looking forward to during your internship at Oxford Research?

Katrine: The main reason I applied for an internship was to test my theoretical knowledge from university and get a feel of how it is to work with it in practice. I look forward to working with my interests in a more relevant context. At the same time, I generally look forward to learning a lot of new things, developing my skills in methodology, collaborating with a lot of new people and getting some new good colleagues.

Hanan: I look forward to gaining experience in a consultancy and being involved in the various phases of the project work. In this connection, I look forward to bringing my professional knowledge and methodological skills from the university into play and contributing to knowledge that can lead to changes in society.

Freja: First of all, I look forward to getting an insight into the world of consulting and finding out if this is something I should pursue in the future. In addition, I look forward to being part of a team of competent consultants who, like me, enjoys working with civil society and where I have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects. And not least, put the methods that I have developed during my education to use in practice.

Are you considering applying for an internship at Oxford Research? You are more than welcome to send us an email, and we will contact you as soon as we are looking for interns for the coming semester.

Seen on the photo from the left: Katrine Grønvall Hansen, Hanan Lastat and Freja Johannesen.