Mathias Hjorth Poulsen


+45 28 10 08 36

Mathias is studying a master’s degree in political science at the University of Copenhagen and is a researcher at Oxford Research. Mathias holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Southern Denmark. Mathias has throughout his studies gained experience in working with both qualitative and quantitative methods. He has also obtained knowledge about theories to understand national and international political issues.

Mathias has previously been employed at Erhvervskontakten in the municipality of Odense, which focuses on helping business when they need to be in contact with the municipality for various reasons and making the best foundation for the businesses in the municipality to thrive. He has worked with the internal coordination of cases and focused on getting the specialists to work together with the aim of making the processes and inquires with the authorities as smooth as possible for the businesses. Mathias has also been affiliated the municipality of Odense’s general services for start-ups where he has done some minor analyses of the program.