Oxford Research has a long track record in analysing gender policy issues across various thematic areas: on the labour market (from gender equality in research to gender equality in national parliaments), in state and municipal budgetary processes, in EU Cohesion Policy and climate and energy policy.

A number of assignments has been related to the prevention of violence against women; factors that facilitate witness reporting of intimate partner violence, risk assessment by police of intimate partner violence against women and mapping of domestic violence.

The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) plays a key role on the European scene and Oxford Research has been entrusted with a number of studies for EIGE. On top of this, we also serve national governments and parliaments, national organisations and foundations and regional bodies such as the European Parliament.

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Malin Hellström

Examples of previous work

Study on intimate partner violence and witness intervention

This report examines the factors that encourage witnesses of intimate partner violence to intervene (including reporting the violence to the relevant authorities).
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