Home Affairs cover a range of subjects from migration and radicalization to crime and security. Oxford Research staff is skilled in the various methodologies to analyze and evaluate the complex issues across a variety of Home Affairs topics.

For in-depth knowledge of the professional content of a specific topic we work with a large network of independent consultants and university academics that provide the specific in-depth knowledge needed for specific assignments.

Recent assignments has included topics as varied as initiatives to prevent radicalization and extremism, rapid assessment of the Asylum and migration policy area, an overview of the private security sector and sport betting security.

Oxford Research work for a broad range of clients from European Union institutions such as The European Foundation for the Improvement of Working and Living Conditions, national agencies such as the Financial Mechanism Office in Norway and NGO’s such as the European Sport Security Association.

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Martin Bæksgaard Jakobsen
Chief Analyst

Examples of previous work

Representativeness of the European social partner organisations

This study provides information allowing for an assessment of the representativeness of the actors involved in the European sectoral social dialogue committee for the private security sector.
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