Oxford Research has a long track record in supplying research in the field of social policy. We are national correspondents in Denmark, Sweden and Finland for Eurofound – The European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions.

As national correspondents we report regularly on issues such as pay, work time development and collective bargaining. We also do cross-country analysis on Work Life and Social Topics.

We hold a Framework Contract for the National Board of Social services in Denmark and provide services to municipalities, regions and governments in all Nordic and Baltic countries. For the European Commission we have been entrusted with relevant studies for the Directorate-General for Employment as well as for the Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport.

EU social policies are key to ensuring that the Member States not only improve competitiveness on a continuous basis but that they also do so in a socially sustainable way. Social policies span a wide range of subjects from labour market issues to caring for the socially vulnerable groups in society.

Therefore, Oxford Research draws on specialised staff in the various social fields as well as a large network of independent consultants and university academics that provide the specific in-depth knowledge needed for specific assignments.

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Examples of previous work

Study on social aspects within the maritime transport sector

This report examines social aspects within the maritime transport sector taking as a starting point the proposals made by the ad hoc Task Force on Maritime Employment and Competitiveness in 2011.
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